Remove unpleasant smells in your caravan or motor home.


Caravan holidays in all their glory, but a housewagon or motorhome tends to smell harsh after a few seasons. In a confined space, ventilation is often inadequate, and at the same time the smell settles in everything from textiles to the interior. This makes cleaning hard and difficult.


For many, an RV is synonymous with freedom. The freedom to travel anywhere with a house on wheels. Unfortunately, this rather closed room usually has the ability to smell bad after a while. For whatever reason, the odor particles settle in furniture and textiles, so that the smell returns even after cleaning, airing or washing. Materials such as wood and other things also absorb bad smells. Therefore, the musty smell is always there despite your efforts to get rid of it.


Fortunately, we have a solution that eliminates all bad smells. With us at OzonTech, you can clean your entire caravan efficiently and environmentally friendly in less than a day. We neutralize all odor-intensive particles in the air, textiles and other materials and leave your motorhome completely odorless and fresh for your next summer trip.


- Guaranteed free of dangerous chemicals.

- Destroys smells of smoking, moisture, animals and the organic matter in your caravan.

- We can remove bad smells anywhere in your caravan, even in the smallest of spaces.

- The process takes less than a day and you can do other things while we take care of the smells in your RV.

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