Remove bad smell in the summerhouse and garden shed.


A summer house that was empty and closed during the winter season can smell damp and when spring finally comes. The bad smell can be found in everything from furniture and textiles to floors, walls and ceilings. There is a lot of cleaning to do to prepare the house for the season. The easiest way to do this is with OzonTech cleaning. Clean your summer and holiday home with ozone and remove all smells directly and sustainably!


A room that is closed for a long time and not ventilated tends to get a damp smell in everything from textiles to furniture. A vacation home is perhaps the best example of this. If the air in the house is not exchanged, it quickly smells bad. This smell is difficult to remove. Washing all textiles, scrubbing all rooms from floor to ceiling and venting is a lot of work and does not always remove the smell. The scent that is in the walls and in the decor comes back quickly, even if everything is clean. Comprehensive cleaning is required, in which all odors are neutralized so that the odors do not return.



With OzonTech, the house is odorless in less than a day - without having to clean every corner with strong chemicals or replace textiles and furnishings. The ozone penetrates all porous materials and quickly removes all odors. The result is permanent and you avoid the big cleaning, which does not always have the desired effect.


The process is efficient and environmentally friendly at the same time. With an odorless holiday home you can start the summer more comfortably - clean your holiday home with OzonTech.

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- Free of dangerous chemicals.

- No smell is left out, ozone gets into everything, even into the smallest voids.

- Destroys bad smell of smoking, urine or animals in your summer house.

- The bad smell disappears forever.

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