Do you have a musty smell in the house?

Does it smell of old furniture, carpets and textiles at home even though you have washed and cleaned it? A bad and unfresh smell arises from organic matter, mold and bacteria that thrive in a poorly ventilated room. That is why such a smell is common in holiday homes and huts, among other things.

Eliminate any unpleasant smells with OzonTech. We purify the air in just a few hours and the bad smell doesn't return.


If you have a cabin, vacation home, or vacation rental, you know the strange smell that occurs in everything from curtains to clothes to furniture when the house has been empty for a while. A fragrance that, despite its cleanliness, weathering and repeated washing, can be difficult to remove.


OzonTech is an environmentally friendly and resource-saving cleaning method to make your home odorless and fresh. We just need electricity and a couple of hours to get the job done. The smell not only disappears quickly and completely, but the effect is also permanent without the use of chemicals.


- You dispense with the use of cleaning agents and aggressive chemicals when cleaning.

- The ozone reaches all smells - in the walls, floors and furniture.

- All bad smells disappear in a few hours.

- The smell and its source are permanently removed.

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