Is it damp or do you need to remove the smell of mold in the basement?


The basement is often a place with poor ventilation and heating. The result is a moldy, moldy smell. But it doesn't have to smell bad in your basement. OzonTech cleans the rooms and removes the smell with active oxygen. After the treatment is complete, your basement is completely odorless.


Basements are often infested with moisture and mold, and insufficient ventilation also plays a role. The bad smell sits deep in the walls and floors and it doesn't matter how much you clean, the trapped, damp smell returns when the detergent stops working. This makes it difficult to store textiles, clothing and furniture in the basement, as things quickly become infected with the bad smell and no longer feel clean and fresh.

OzonTech can remove bad smells from your basement. You can now store your things in the basement without them starting to smell bad because of their environment.


- No environmentally hazardous chemicals are used - only active oxygen.

- The ozone effortlessly processes every corner of the basement walls, ceilings and floors.

- Completely removes the musty, damp smell in the basement.

- The smell disappears efficiently and permanently.


If you have problems with moisture, you need to dehumidify the basement. However, this is not always enough to remove bad smells. We recommend treating the cellar with us after dehumidification. The ozone gets into everything from wood and furniture to foundations and walls. Soon all cellar smells are blown away and clean, fresh air remains. It all happens in a few hours and the effect is sustainable.

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