A boat that is ready for summer tours should be fragrance-free and freshly cleaned. When the boat has been parked over the winter, it is often affected by a bad smell that is everywhere. It doesn't matter whether you clean, air, use harmful chemicals, or wash all upholstery - the smell will come back.

It's wonderful to drive a boat in the hot months of summer when the boat doesn't smell of diesel fumes or organic matter. Unfortunately, it is a common problem that boats start to smell bad. Bad smells can be caused by moisture damage, poor ventilation, condensation and fuel residues. If the smell has spread freely throughout the winter months, it will quickly be used in upholstery, wooden fittings and corners and edges.

To get rid of the stubborn and difficult smell completely, cleaning with ozone is required. OzonTech cleans the air in your boat by removing particles and odors in a natural chemical process. The ozone, which is an active oxygen, is so effective that it also neutralizes the smell source and ensures that the smell does not return.

Clean your boat and permanently remove all bad smells with OzonTech. In less than a day, the smell of moisture, organic matter and diesel will disappear and will not return.


- No strong substances, only oxygen in the cleaning process.

- The ozone fights odors that are difficult to access without damaging textiles and wood.

- Odorless, just in time for the start of the sea.

- Completely eliminates bad smells caused by smoking, condensation and chemicals in the boat.

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