Remove smell of smoke and other bad smells in the car.


Once the smell has settled in the upholstery and inside the car, it can be difficult to get rid of. Sometimes it is impossible to get rid of cigarette smoke or other odors with chemicals and regular ventilation on a used car.

Whether you use a car every day or only drive it sometimes, it is more pleasant if it does not smell bad. Unfortunately, cars tend to smell bad after a while. Animal smells, sweat, food accidents and cigarette smoke settle especially in the upholstery and are difficult to overcome. Hanging a scented tree in the rearview mirror doesn't hide the bad smell, but can make things worse. Cleaning the vehicle with strong detergents or chemicals can help temporarily. After a while, however, the unwanted smell returns, as it is still reflected in upholstery and furniture. What is needed to remove all stubborn odors is effective treatment with OzonTech.


We solve all odor problems and clean the air in your car in a few hours. Even the most difficult scents disappear completely after an OzonTech treatment. We fill your car with active oxygen, which attacks and removes odorous substances in the air and penetrates into the interior of the car.


- Our air purifiers use natural oxygen, no dangerous chemicals.

- The active oxygen sneaks into the materials and disinfects everything that smells.

- We eliminate stubborn smells from smoking, animals, sweat, food and dirt in the car.

- The smells are permanently removed from the car.

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